Ware v. Soho House West Hollywood, LLC et al – Court Approval of $2.8 Million Settlement

Court Approval of Class Action Settlement

Court Approval of $2,800,000.00.00 Class Action Settlement Benefitting More Than 1,200 Employees

Becerra Law Firm successfully prosecuted a class action in the Los Angeles County Superior Court entitled Ware v. Soho House West Hollywood, LLC et al, Case No. BC496246.  It was filed on November 26, 2012 on behalf of current and former employees of Soho House West Hollywood (“Soho House”) and Cecconi’s West Hollywood (“Cecconis”) employed in California as nonexempt hourly employees at any time between November 26, 2008 and July 9, 2014.  Plaintiff alleged that Soho House and Cecconis violated California law by failing to pay its hourly, nonexempt employees all wages due for all hours worked, failed to provide meal and rest breaks to employees, failed to accurately record all of the time worked by employees, failed to pay such employees all accrued personal days, failed to issue employees legally adequate itemized wage statements, and failed to timely pay all wages due to employees the time of termination.  Soho House and Cecconis denied all of the allegations.

On January 8, 2015, the Court entered an order granting final approval of a $2,800,000 class action settlement.  More than 1,200 current and former employees who worked for Soho House West Hollywood, LLC and Cecconis between November 26, 2008 and July 9, 2014 are eligible to receive cash settlement payments under the terms of the settlement.  Settlement proceeds will be sent to eligible class members no later than May 2015.  Simpluris, Inc. ( was appointed as Settlement Administrator and will be distributing the settlement payments.  A copy of the lawsuit and Court Order granting final approval of the lawsuit are provided herein.

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